In 2019, we launched almost 1,500 new restaurant websites. As we do each year, we took a look back at our favorite of the bunch and highlighted their designs and features, before & after BentoBox. Check them out below.


San Francisco

a screen shot of a restaurant website.

Before: The website for Monroe—the San Francisco art deco lounge in the historic Jazz Workshop building—was not mobile-responsive and challenging to navigate. 

After: The new website for Monroe highlights its beautiful art-deco interiors and its rich history better than ever—with full-bleed photography that is optimized for all devices. All while making it simple to inquire about reservations. 

The Best Part: On the mobile version, guests can simply click-to-call to speak directly with their team. 

China Poblano

Las Vegas

a close up of a restaurant website.

Before: The website for Jose Andres’ Las Vegas concept featured PDF menus that negatively affected SEO standards. 

After: China Poblano’s new mobile-friendly website shows off their colorful, eclectic cuisine and includes easy to view text-based menus, which boosts SEO—ensuring guests easily find their website in search.

The Best Part: A new press “buzz” page highlights their well-deserved accolades and achievements.

Severance Wine Bar

Los Angeles

A screenshot of a restaurant website.

Before: Severance—the Los Angeles-based wine and fondue bar—used .jpeg images of their menu prior to BentoBox, which negatively affected accessibility.

After: With an updated BentoBox website, their image-based menus were converted to text-based menus which, not only helps with SEO, it improves digital accessibility standards.

The Best Part: Online visitors can book a reservation on desktop and mobile at any point via a sticky button that is always present. 

The Happy Prince


A screenshot of a restaurant website.

Before: For this modern restaurant & bar based out of Beirut, their concept was distilled down to a few words and images alongside sister concepts. This limited the amount of information online guests could receive about it. 

After: After BentoBox created an individual website for The Happy Prince, the full essence of the concept came to life—with captivating food and interior photography and easy to access menus

The Best Part: Online visitors can easily access hours & location, inquire about private events and make a reservation on the website—driving additional revenue.

Chez TJ

Mountain View, CA

a screenshot of a restaurant website on mobile.

Before: Chez TJ, in the heart of Silicon Valley, had a website that didn’t fully translate to a Michelin star experience. They were looking for one that was easy to update as well as easily accessible for all of their guests. 

After: The new look for Chez TJ highlights their contemporary fine dining image, as well as being easily manageable on the BentoBox backend to make quick edits and updates. 

The Best Part: Guests can easily purchase digital or physical gift cards directly through their website for friends and family.

Roosters Brewing Co.

Ogden, UT

a screenshot of a restaurant website.

Before: Prior to BentoBox, it was difficult to find contact, hours and location information for Roosters Brewing Co. locations. 

After: With a new BentoBox website, this Utah-based restaurant, brewery and taproom, shows off their fun branding and makes it easy for guests to find contact and location information through a one-click-to Google Maps feature.

The Best Part: Guests can easily find their beer through an interactive map locator embedded by the BentoBox team.


Tampa, FL

a close up of a restaurant website.

Before: Before BentoBox, the website for Doormét was outdated and didn’t include any food or interior photography, making it hard for guests to get a feel for the experience and quality of food at the restaurant. 

After: Alongside powerful photography and branding, their new BentoBox website seamlessly brought the experience to life for guests online. 

The Best Part: A robust catering store allows guests to place large orders ahead of time for pickup, creating cashflow and driving revenue for their business.


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